25. July 2014 11:38
by delphine

New: boatZing, the online Boat Logbook

25. July 2014 11:38 by delphine | 555 Comments

boatZing is a web based portal dedicated to both boaters and yachting professionals.

boatZing provides boat owners with a complete boat Logbook allowing them to manage their boats and equipment using our maintenance scheduler and reminders. It also allows users to store invoices and other documents such as photos ensuring proper documentation and proof of a quality maintenance plan throughout the life of the boat.

Owners can easily request estimates for work from professionnals in geographical area of their boat. Professionals can register without any commitments. They select their skills and define their area of activity and receive requests from owners. Then they simply choose the request that interests them and purchase the owner contact information.

more info at www.boatzing.com


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