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BioNautique selects Pelagic FM Manager

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Pelagic Fleet Management announced today a strategic partnership with BioNautique, providing its software platform, Pelagic FM Manager™, in support of BioNautique’s yacht management and maintenance services across its partner network covering France. 

Meeting the needs of boaters

Boating is changing and recent analysis shows an increase in demand for services by the boaters. Boating is a recreational pass time and the pleasure of sailing no longer equates with the maintenance of one’s boat. Boat owners, who seeks to enjoy their leisure without the hassles (maintenance, repairs, management...), seek a more comprehensive management solution for their boat, especially when the boat is sufficiently far from home, making its management more complex.

A comprehensive range of services through " Boat Sitting "

BioNautique has recently launched a range of "Boat Sitting" services. Coupled with Pelagic FM Manager™, these services are designed to provide the yacht owner with a peace of mind regarding the management and security of his vessel.

"The BioNautique network is a network of 'boat sitter'.  Our offering (currently 4 levels of service) provides 1 to 2 physical visits a month to monitor, maintain and intervene, before or after strong winds or other events, coupled with live monitoring provided by Pelagic FM Manager™. 
Our clients have access to reports, including photos, live monitoring, along with status and progression of work orders and repairs, along with online ordering, all brought together by Pelagic FM Manager™" says Sébastien David, Director of Operations BioNautique   

About BioNautique

BioNautique is a dba of LDL  Nautisme, whose goal is to create a range of products and eco-friendly services for the yachting industry throughout France, either through its own services centers and its extensive network of partners.
BioNautique is currently active in Brittany , Loire Atlantique , Vendee , Languedoc and Normandy.

About Pelagic FM

Pelagic Fleet Management (http://www.pelagicfm.com) provides fleet management as-a-service with its solution Pelagic FM Manager ™, for the yachting and nautical industries including charter, dealers and brokers and other types of yacht management companies. Currently available in France and the United States, Pelagic FM Manager ™ will be available on a Global level, with a presence in 98 countries later this month

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